Rob Brydon 2012


Would I Lie to You Series 7 Episode 4

Rob and I went to school together, we were in the school musicals together and we are still very good friends today. He has helped me enormously over my career and I’m immensely grateful to him for that.

He got me involved in his comedy show, and got me voiceover work, but more than anything we have remained really good friends. — Ruth Jones

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I <3 Tablecloth.


The Brydon Long Sock.

In the end Rob and Steve were great. They really played ball and gave me exactly what I was after. Both actors were delighting in each other’s company and that spilled over to our shoot. They really liked the Lady and the Tramp idea and even though we’d run out of time for it and they had to run off and shoot a scene for the film, they took five minutes out of their lunch break later in the day to do it in a quick setup — Sarah Lee for the Observer

It was a tricky shoot as there was very little time. Winterbottom works fast and wasn’t delighted with my ‘stealing’ his entire cast. I had 15 minutes for this setup. Sourcing the lobster had proved surprisingly hard - it didn’t help that in jest I’d replied “pinchiclauri” when the producer asked me the Italian for lobster. He believed me and went round all the local fishmongers saying “vorrei un pinchiclauri” and getting blank looks.  Sarah Lee for the Observer